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  • Inheriting an IRA: What you need to know

    Transferring wealth when a family member passes away can prove to be a complex and confusing process. Inheriting a retirement account is not as simple as depositing the money into your bank account — there are stringent guidelines to follow, tax ramifications to keep in mind and long-term benefits and disadvantages to consider. IRS requirements and policies continually change, so make sure you <...

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  • Evaluating current market volatility

    Joel G. Oldham

    The market has experienced renewed volatility over the past few weeks. Trade wars, interest rates, and privacy have dominated the headlines. When the Trump administration announced over $50 billion in tariffs on imports made in China, the DJIA(Dow) dropped more than 1,100 points. Only to be followed by the Dow rising almost 3% when the Chinese said they were open to improving access to their marke...

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