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  • Why Your Annual Financial Review is a Must

    What a difference a year can make when planning for your future. Of course, you’re 12 months closer to, or farther into, retirement. Unexpected obligations may have arisen. Your family may have grown or taken on a new structure. Your income may have changed. You may have developed new interests or set new life goals. And, even if you think you haven’t changed, the world around you has. The...

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  • Long-term Investing: Avoiding the Volatility Game

    An ostrich doesn’t actually bury her head in the sand out of fear. While you might see her head disappear into a hole, the mother ostrich is simply turning her eggs every once in a while. In other words, she’s not ignoring a problem, she’s tending to business. Long-term investing is not about ignoring anything at all. Instead, it focuses on nurturing growth by sticking to a plan that hist...

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