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  • Long-term Investing: Avoiding the Volatility Game

    An ostrich doesn’t actually bury her head in the sand out of fear. While you might see her head disappear into a hole, the mother ostrich is simply turning her eggs every once in a while. In other words, she’s not ignoring a problem, she’s tending to business. Long-term investing is not about ignoring anything at all. Instead, it focuses on nurturing growth by sticking to a plan that hist...

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  • timing social security

    You Can’t Time the Market, But You Should Time Social Security

    You’ve worked hard to build your Social Security account. As with all financial assets, it makes sense to maximize the return on your investment—of time and effort. So, with decades of experience, why is it still so difficult to make the right choice regarding when to start claiming Social Security benefits? The short answer:  it’s personal. It’s a sensitive topic, but a sizeable part ...

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