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  • 4 Ways Financial Planners Are Like You

    Many people hesitate to seek out financial planners’ advice for fear of judgment. Why’d you blow that paycheck? Why’d you invest in that? You’ve saved what for retirement? Others wait to seek guidance until that golden day when they’re financially set. Others think financial planners are just for the wealthy. All are wrong and here’s why. It’s true that you must accept a degree of...

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  • It’s Your Money… Who Decides How Your Charitable $$ will be Spent?

    When you give $100 to your favorite charity, you are probably not overly concerned about how your donation is spent, as long as it advances the mission of the charity. On the other hand, if you are making a large donation, it is more likely that you have specific goals in mind, whether to fund a particular program or support another endeavor. This desire to specify exactly where your donation doll...

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