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  • 10 Projects to Help You Live in Your Home Forever

    In response to demands from baby boomers, aging-in-place improvements that help seniors stay safely in their homes are more stylish and functional than before. Think of a curved and tiled shower soap dish that also serves as a grab bar. Or a decorative kitchen cabinet pulls with a wider loop for arthritic hands. More forward-looking homeowners are including aging-in-place features in home renov...

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  • Flipping Real Estate: Consider the Tax Consequences

    Buying a house, condo, or another form of real estate as an investment and selling it quickly can be lucrative, even as interest rates fall and house prices cool. However, there are risks involved in “flipping” real estate. For example, financing the deal and selling the real estate quickly in the current market could pose a problem. In addition, there are tax issues to consider. Even those in...

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